Our Vision

Our VisionCarbon Solutions (CSI) is the company that put the "C" in carbon nanotubes – where "C" stands for chemistry.

Just as in the case of the fullerenes, the scientific investigation of carbon nanotubes was initially carried forward by those scientists interested in their physical properties. As the fullerene field matured, chemistry came to the forefront and this transition is currently underway in area of carbon nanotubes.

We view carbon nanotubes as macromolecules that should be ideal constituents of polymers, copolymers, polymer composites, electronic materials and biological structures where their outstanding physical properties, such as high strength, exceptional thermal conductivity, and singular electronic properties distinguish them from all other nanomaterials.

Our vision for the field remains intact: “…if the [single-walled carbon nanotubes] SWNTs are to achieve their full potential, it will be necessary to bring about chemical modification of the basic structure. The ability to disperse and perhaps dissolve the SWNTs would greatly improve the prospects for processable materials that can be aligned and formed into useful structures. Chemical functionalization would be an important step in this direction as well as opening up interesting opportunities in its own right. If it were possible to chemically modify the surface of the nanotubes in a controlled manner, this would afford a number of opportunities for tailoring the structural and electronic properties.”

The issues that face the nascent carbon nanotube industry are frequently underestimated in the scientific literature and the press releases, and quality control is virtually nonexistent. Carbon nanotubes still cost more than gold, most preparations are highly impure and many of the purifications reported in the literature do not work as stated. CSI was established to aid in the transition of carbon nanotubes from a research curiosity to a specialty chemical and finally into a commodity that is found in a wide range of useful products that require the performance of the ultimate carbon nanofiber.

We would welcome the opportunity to work on your application. If you can foresee a long term use for carbon nanotubes and would like help in getting started in this area of nanotechnology please contact CSI. We offer consulting services and specialty manufacturing in all aspects of carbon science.